Navette transformed home design store RUSTY HINGES, into a pop up art installation, submerging its guests into a momentary refuge of colour, art and comfort.

The distressed pastels, rustic furnishing and vintage-style décor of RUSTY HINGES created a beautiful home for original portrait paintings that displayed contemporary, socially marginalized subjects created by young, local artists of Toronto.

Throughout the installation official prints, furniture and decor were sold.


Iman Bhatti

Bhatti is a Pakistani born, Toronto based artist. Working in painting and mixed media techniques, her work explores themes of identity, gender roles, orientalism, and resistance in order to emphasize the way in which exposure to images shapes perception.

Her work has been exhibited in OCAD and Daniel Spectrum.

Malcolm Emilio

Emilio's work asks us to (re)/examine our human consciousness.  He employs a unique constellation of colour, space, and symbols (which include language) in his pieces and uses plant-based materials such as: beetroot, cucumber, and watermelon, for instrumentation and pigmentation. 

He is currently represented by Liss Gallery and was featured in CBC ARTS.

Curtia Wright

Wright's work explores the way societies perceptions of bodies, specifically black bodies, have the ability to form and deform them while changing their narratives without consent.

Her work has been exhibited in Gladstone Hotel, Daniel Spectrum, Super Wonder Gallery and more.

Brendan Yhip 

As a colourblind artist, Yhip deconstructs the normal and traditional aspects of portraiture by painting colour as he see's it. Using a reverse gendered styling and costuming on his subjects as well as a non-traditional colour palette, he queers the individuals. 

The queer figure is presented in a noble manner. Thus, liberated from heteronormative dynamics of Western culture, resulting in the “normalizing” of a queer individual.

  "under the veil" - iman bhatti

"under the veil" - iman bhatti